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Shipping Information

    We provide expedited shipping choices via our affiliates and courier partners to ensure              the  products you’ve ordered on our website arrive quickly. 


  •   1. Product delivery in the UAE takes two working days. 
  •   2. Product shipped throughout the GCC in 4–7 working days, pending customs clearance. 
  •   3. Delivery is available from Saturday through Thursday. 
  •    PLEASE NOTE: Deliveries on public holidays may be delayed. 


   Monitoring shipments:

     Clicking the “Track Your Order” link in the shipping confirmation email will allow you to               follow the progress of your product shipment. Please be aware that clicking on such a link           will take you to the courier’s website, which is not in our control. 


   Note it, please:

     While we intend to deliver within the specified window, delivery dates cannot be assured           due to third-party handling of shipments and carrier-specific local bank holidays.

  •   1. After the order has been completed, we are unable to change the delivery address.
  •  2. If no one can receive your delivery at arrival, our delivery person will leave an “Attempted   3. Delivery Notice” in your mailbox or a secure location at your address with additional   information. 

     4. When you take possession of your products, ownership and the risk of loss will transfer to          you.

  • 5.Each of the products is shipped from our Dubai, United Arab Emirates, warehouses.

     A hand delivery cannot be done at the addresses on the following list, which are designated       as “out of delivery” zones in the United Arab Emirates.


   Non-Delivery Zones Around Abu Dhabi: 

   Areas served by phone numbers starting with 51 include:*

   Musaffah, GAMCO (Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Co.), Airport Terminal 1, After the airport site           office, Al Bahia, Al Khatam, Al Khazna, Al Raha, Al Rahba, Al Saad, Al Samha, Al Sila, and Al             Watba.


   Musaffah-ICAD City 2 encompasses the following areas:

   Ruwais, Sahamah, Sila, Suwehan, Tarif, Taweelah, Yahar, Asab, Yas Island, Gandoot, Sir Baniyas,     Guwaifath, Das Island, Bainoona, Baniyas, Beda Zayed, Buhasa, Ghayati, Habshan, Jabel Dhana,     Journ ya Four, Liwa, Madinat Zayed City, Mafraq, Mirfa, Mohd Bin Zayed City, Al Wagan, Al             Hayer, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha,

   Zakher, Maqam, Hill, and Meyzad (following camp)

   Deliveries are not permitted to all defense zones, security-controlled zones, and islands             under the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi’s supremacy. 

   An alternate plan is to have these packages kept at the offices of our courier partners and         affiliates until the consignee picks them up between 07:30 and 19:30. 


  Non-delivery zones in the vicinity of:

    Al Ain: Adan, Al Jeer, Shamm, Khath, Burairath, Siji Al Hail (crushers/Dusan site)

    Dhaid: Shahma residential area

    Other areas: Al Wagan, Al Hayer, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha, Zakher, Maqam, Hill, and Meyzad     (after camp)



shipping information

  When our courier partners and affiliates receive the products, we will email you to confirm          the shipment. 


  Only deliveries within cities are made internationally. 

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