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How to care for a Wool Mattress Topper - Home Accessories

How to care for a Wool Mattress Topper

How to care for a Wool Mattress Topper

How to care for a Wool Mattress Topper - Home Accessories 2022-01-26T22:44:01+00:00
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How to care for a Wool Mattress Topper

Did you know How to care for a Wool Mattress Topper?

Use for All Year Round Comfort

Due to wool temperature and moisture management properties, wool mattress toppers can be used year round. They do not need to be taken out of a bed and stored away in summer time. On the contrary, some customers reported that having a wool mattress topper in summer helped them reduce air conditioning cost because they could sleep cooler on a wool topper as opposed to sleeping on a latex or memory foam mattress. Latex or memory foam toppers or mattresses allow only limited air circulation and the users are more likely to overheat and sweat. Use natural breathable fitted sheets such as 100% cotton fitted sheets to reduce overheating.

Flipping and Rotating

Try to rotate your wool mattress topper once a month when you are changing the sheets and flip it about twice a year. Rotation will help ensure even wear of the topper and flipping will help release the moisture because wool mattress toppers absorb the moisture from the air and your body and by flipping the topper or airing helps release the moisture and restore the loft. Wool toppers as well as wool pillows will compress about 10-15% during the first couple of months of use. This typically occurs when moisture begins to build up. If possible, try to sleep on all parts of the topper to ensure even compression and prevent the “dips.”

Airing Out

Airing helps release the moisture and unwanted odors such as the odor caused by perspiration. The best weather for airing out your topper is a sunny, warm and breezy day. If possible, try to lay wool bedding products on a sheet or a blanket or hang outdoors.

Some toppers are bulky and it may be too hard to take them outside. In such case you can unmake the bed and open your bedroom window so that the air can pass through the wool fibers. If possible fold your mattress topper over to allow the air to reach the bottom. Sunning at least for a few hours will fluff up your topper because the sun will dry out the moisture buildup inside the topper. It is more efficient to air both sides.

Vacuuming with an upholstery attachment can also help draw air through the wool fibers, keep them loose and vapor escape from the topper. Moreover, vacuuming removes all loose particles on your topper such as skin cells, dirt, hair including pet hair.

If your mattress topper is not big, you may air fluff it in a dryer with no heat for 15-20 minutes but the sun and the breeze outside will work better.

Regular fluffing, turning and flipping will prevent your wool mattress topper from becoming compressed in one area.

Machine Washing or Drying May Not Be Possible

Wool fibers contain a lot of tiny air pockets that get filled with water when the topper is immersed in water. Therefor wet wool is extremely heavy. Unless the fill power of your topper is low and the size of the topper is not big the attempt to machine wash or machine dry a wool topper may destroy your washer and dryer.

Even if your topper is machine washable improper washing cycle involving intense agitation (flipping and rotation) or improper detergent may ruin your product because the wool batting may shrink or felt during washing. Tumble drying will lead to the same result. Wash wool bedding either with the special wool cycle or the most gentle cycle and only air dry. Always check the manufacturer’s product care label to ascertain if the topper can be washed or dried and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Big size or heavy toppers can only be dry cleaned or spot cleaned much like a wool mattress.

Dry Cleaning

The idea of dry cleaning natural bedding is controversial to say the least. The opponents say that chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can leave hazardous chemical residue on your product and defeat the purpose of buying a natural chemical free item in the first place. Conventional cleaners use products containing harsh brighteners, bleaches synthetic fragrances that can irritate lungs, skin and eyes. They can be especially harmful to infants and pets. To make sure the cleaning is safe for your product and you look for the dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning of wool products and is a certified green dry cleaner that uses eco-friendly non-toxic biodegradable cleaning detergents.

Spot Cleaning. Removing Urine or Blood Stains

As with all liquid stains the time is off the essence. The longer you wait the harder it will be to remove the stain from your wool mattress topper. Start by blotting with a dry soft cloth, towel, sponge or a paper towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Then use a damp cloth, a towel or a sponge and press it into the stain without rubbing it. Hard rubbing will move wool fibers and create lumps in your topper. Use only cold water as hot water will set a protein stain such as urine or blood.

If the blood stain is still present or if you feel the urine odor, prepare one of the following solutions:

  1. mild laundry detergent or mild soap solution,
  2. mix 1 part of white vinegar with 3 parts of water,
  3. mix 1 part of laundry detergent, 1 part of white vinegar and 6 parts of water.
  4. bring hydrogen peroxide. Please note that it is a bleaching agent that works well on blood stains but may cause discoloration on your mattress topper.

Dip the cloth, the sponge or a toothbrush into the solution and gently rub the soiled area. Wait for about 10 minutes. Blot with a dry cloth, and then blot with a wet cloth and use again a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

It is a good idea to sanitize the affected area. To do that, saturate the stain with rubbing alcohol and let it evaporate.

If the stain reaches the other side of your mattress topper, flip it over and repeat all of the above.

Allow both sides of your topper to air dry completely in the sun or warm place. You can use a blow dryer to expedite the drying process.

If there is any lingering urine smell spread baking soda over the affected area and work the baking soda with your fingers or a stiff brush into the mattress topper. Let it sit for about 15-30 minutes and vacuum up all of the baking soda.

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